ReasonConf 2018

Vienna, Austria

World’s first Reason conference for web-developers & OCaml enthusiasts

Get productive with Reason in 3 days

Reason is the next big thing and it is time to bring the community together. Come and learn about the language and get inspired for innovation.

We want to motivate you to add Reason & OCaml to your professional toolbelt and make you feel comfortable in the ecosystem.

This conference is aiming for a well-balanced schedule with a practical, social and theoretical context.

Day 1: Get started

An optional workshop day to get every beginner and intermediate attendee into the language & platform.

Day 2: Get inspired

This is the main conference day with lectures and talks. Speakers of the Reason / OCaml community (with special guests from the Reason & ReasonReact project) will inspire attendees for more advanced topics.

Day 3: Get productive

On the last day we encourage attendees to start their first Reason projects, aided by our mentors, speakers and volunteers. Alternatively for those who want to relax, we offer a local-guided tour through the beautiful city Vienna!

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