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ReasonConf is the world’s first conference for ReasonML, a new language on top of OCaml designed to build highly efficient and type-safe React applications.

Although ReasonML is considered early tech, the conference has gained quite some attention and support from JavaScript community around the world:

  • The announcement tweet received 143,581 impressions, 400 likes, and attracted 361 followers
  • We get support by leading Reason contributors as speakers and mentors
  • We invited guests from the OCaml industry, such as Facebook, Bloomberg, JaneStreet & OCaml Labs
  • Our Early Bird Tickets were sold out in just two days

ReasonConf is a not-for-profit conference. The goal of the event is to bring the global community together. Around half of the tickets are provided to our international communities and notable contributors to the Reason ecosystem.

ReasonConf Facts

  • Three day event with practical workshops and a single track conference
  • We expect 180 attendees, including speakers and volunteers
  • Speakers include leading members and visionaries of the ReasonML, JavaScript, and OCaml communities
  • International audience with a strong focus on web-development with React
  • Part of Diversity Tickets by Travis Foundation

5 Reasons to Sponsor

  1. High brand exposure to a highly skilled and self-motivated crowd of React, JavaScript & OCaml developers
  2. Good networking possibilities and first level connection with the ReasonML community leaders
  3. Improve the skillset of your developers and teach them new ways to improve code-quality of your React & JavaScript applications
  4. Show off Vienna as an attractive hotspot for leading technology
  5. Get a headstart in a high potential technology (while building on the enterprise-ready OCaml platform)

Sponsor Tiers

Gold Sponsor


  • Banner placement of your choice (stage, entrance and / or catering)
  • Logo on our website in the sponsor headline
  • Logo shown in every talk recording & voiceover with a message of your choice
  • Tweet mention
  • Job offer placement on our job-board
  • 3 tickets included (1050€)
  • Special cooperation to realize your own ideas at the conference (booth, raffles, games, code-challenges, etc.)

Coffee & Food


  • Banner placement at our catering
  • Logo on our website
  • Logo shown in every talk recording
  • Tweet mention
  • Job offer placement on our job-board
  • 2 tickets included (700€)

Local Supporter


  • Logo on the Website
  • 1 sponsoring package for the ReasonVienna meetup
  • Job offer placement on our job-board
  • 1 ticket included (350€)

If you’re interested in sponsoring the event, please contact us. If you want to collaborate on ideas which are not covered by our sponsor plans, please let us know!

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